SI/240/COR/DIM Relay Modules

    The SI/240/COR/DIM is a changeover relay unit configured to changeover the power supply from 240V AC mains to either 240V AC static inverter or 240V DC central battery systems.


    The associated control gear/lamp must be capable of being powered by both 240V AC and the voltage of the central battery being used. Upon (un-switched) mains failure, the main changeover relay de-energises, and the unit changes over to an intermediate state for approximately 0.5s. After this period the emergency supply hold off relay also de-energises, and connects the emergency supply to the load. Upon restoration of the un-switched supply, the emergency supply hold off relay energises and breaks the emergency supply to the load. Again, after the 0.5s delay the main changeover relay energises, and connects the switched lighting supply to the load.


    The unit is fitted with a dimming inhibit relay, which can be used with dimming control gear to reset the dimming level to 100% during an emergency situation. The module is  suitable for use with LED, fluorescent and conventional control gear.

    Order Codes

    Order Code Details
    SI/240/COR/DIM Change Over Module
    SI/240/COR/NEON 240V AC Indicating Neon
    si/240/COR/DIM/R Module Housed within Suitable Remote Enclosure 


    Although the emergency lighting standards to not stipulate the use of an indicating LED/neon with central battery/static inverter systems, a 240V neon can be supplied with this product if preferred.