LDQ/55 LED Array

    The LDQ/55 range consists of a symmetrical pattern of 55 LEDs on a metal clad circular plate designed for both mains & emergency operation. The units are available with a colour temperature of either 3000K or 4000K. The design of the plate enables it to be fitted into many varieties of 28W 2D luminaire bodies. The unit is designed to be powered from a range of Constant Current Driver, 350mA to 700mA (Max) for mains operation depending on light level required and either a NDA/3, NES/3 or NED/3 Module for Emergency operation.

    Order Codes

    Order Code Description
    LDQ/55/3K Up to 24W LED Array with 3000K Warm White LED Chips
    LDQ/55/4K Up to 24W LED Array with 4000K Cool White LED Chips