FRS/3/DA LED Bulkhead

    A robust DALI self-test LED bulkhead luminaire, IP65 weatherproof rated as standard. High quality U.V. stabilised white base moulding and a clear Fresnel diffuser. The output, after the LOR of the diffuser, is 310 delivered lumen in mains operation and 288 delivered lumen in emergency operation. 

    Order Codes

    Order Code Description
    FRS/3/DA/NM3 3W IP65 DALI Self-Test 3-Hour Non-Maintained LED Bulkhead
    FRS/3/DA/M3 3W IP65 DALI Self-Test 3-Hour Maintained LED Bulkhead
    FRS/BEZ Semi-recessing kit, consisting of trim plate & mounting brackets
    FRS/LG/KIT Self-adhesive legend kit