ELV/24A Power Supply Units

    A purpose designed range of 24-Volt emergency power supply units, designed to provide full output in emergency mode and, where required, normal mains lighting via integral or remote low voltage transformer. The two units in the range will operate 24 volt loads up to their rated Voltage. One will power up to 40W and the other will power loads up to 100W.

    Order Codes

    Order Code Description
    ELV/24A/40/NM3 24V 40W Maxumim 3-Hour Non-Maintained
    ELV/24A/100/NM3 24V 100W Maximum 3-Hour Non-Maintained
    CRL5 Semi-recessing LED Holder brackets

    All non-maintained units can be wired with the existing mains transformers to form a maintained circuit, therefore operating the load in both mains and emergency operation.

    The ELV/24A range of units are supplied complete with Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery Packs, a 1m green charge healthy LED indicator and mounting collar.