Monitor PRO DALI Operating System

    Monitor-PRO is Liteplan's professional emergency lighting operating system gathering data from DALI compliant emergency lighting control gear and presenting it in a graphical and visually effortless user interface. 

    Monitor-Pro features Liteplan's exclusive Pre-Commissioning Mode, which simplifies installation. This mitigates the usual install issues and protects the batteries from premature discharging when site power is cut.

    The system works on an Ethernet platform to connect each hub to the head end PC creating a complete network that reports faults with live alerts. The user interface uses a floorplan layout with easy to locate icons making rectification work as straightforward as possible.  

    Fully customisable test schedules can be set up to work around more complex business hours and the system can be linked to existing BMS where required. 

    Monitor-PRO will send reports to chosen email addresses whilst also displaying faults in the graphical format. Sites can therefore be remotely managed and rectification works can be carried out specifically when required and with haste, saving costs. 

    Monitor-PRO is built in accordance with the DALI standard IEC 62386 and is compatible with all DALI emergency control gear. 



    Order Codes

    Order Code Description
    User Interface
    MPC/PRO Mini Tower PC, Monitor (screen), keyboard, mouse with Monitor-Pro software pre-installed
    Monitor Controller
    MCONTROLLER/ENC Monitor Controller, which will manage up to 10 hubs Housed in modular enclosure measuring 300mm wide x 300mm high x 90mm deep
    Monitor Hub in Modular Enclosure
    MHUB/2DALI/ENC1/SW Modular enclosure housing 2 channel DALI hub with 5 port switch - measuring 300mm wide x 300mm high x 90mm deep
    Network Printer (optional)
    MON/PRINT Network enabled printer with which allows localised printing of reports from the system
    MON/COMMIS ** One day (09:00 - 17:00) on site commissioning of the system by Liteplan technician. Not including overnight stay.


    ** Commissioning bookings will be accepted subject to pre-commissioning checklist being completed adequately.