CE1R Recessed Exit Sign

    A stylish and compact double sided LED exit sign suitable for recessed mounting into a ceiling. The unit is available as either switchable maintained/non-maintained or DALI self-test. The unit is supplied with a Plexi glass screen printed legend plate which offers an impressive 25m viewing distance. The legend panels are available in either Arrow Up (AU), Arrow Down (AD) or Arrow Left/Right (ALAR) and your preference should be specified at the point of ordering. Please note that the legends are single sided, apart from the Arrow Left/Right (ALAR) which is double sided. 

    Order Codes

    CE1R/2W/M3/** Switchable Maintained 
    CE1R/3W/DA/** DALI Self-Test Non-Maintained

    ** - Denotes the arrow direction required - e.g. AD for Arrow Down.