CB3S Range

    A stylish and compact circular IP65 3 Watt or 6 Watt LED Bulkhead suitable for ceiling mounting applications. The unit is available in either Switchable Maintained, Non-Maintained or as DALI Self-Test (3W only). Offered as either 390 delivered lumen output (3W) or 600 delivered lumen output (6W) this is an excellent solution to tall ceiling height applications in damp locations. The unit utilises LiFePO4 battery technology which provides a far longer life than traditional battery types, making this an ideal product for difficult to maintain areas.

    Order Codes

    CB3S/3W/M3 3W Switchable Maintained 
    CB3S/3W/NM3 3W Non-Maintained 
    CB3S/3W/DA 3W DALI Self-Test Non-Maintained
    CB3S/6W/NM3 6W Non-Maintained