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Liteplan Monitor Pro

For certain projects, a more graphical user interface is preferred. This is makes management of the DALI operating system far simpler from a fitting location perspective. The layout of the building is shown in a floor plan layout with faulty fittings easily recognisable. Monitor Pro uses a more traditional PC based platform which is hard wired to the DALI system. Where required and with an upgrade, Monitor Pro can also be used as a fully integrated emergency monitoring and mains dimming/scene setting system. 

Unique Graphic User Interface with full pan and zoom capability.

Some other control systems have pictorial guides to indicate the location of fittings, but many of those lack the pan and zoom functionality which are a big plus for navigation. Monitor Pro’s GUI is easy to use and makes it simple for the user to obtain a snapshot of the emergency devices in an area with a glance as fault indications are easily located.

Multiple Floor Plan Types Per Page.

This means that you can have a number of images for say the Ground Floor. One might show the electrical layout for engineers, another might show testing zones and you might also have a clean layout that only shows the walls. These can be toggled instantly, meaning the user can select the level of background information they require for their particular task.

Scalable Interface Icons

All GUI icons are scalable to suit the background file. Many other systems either restrict the scale of imported drawings or require custom icon sets to fit. Monitor Pro allows the user to edit the scale of each set of icons on a per page basis making it simple to match the device icons to the background file.

Full system monitoring with live alert reports in the system and via email

If connected to a mail account, Monitor Pro will email reports of faults as they occur, meaning that sites can be remotely monitored.

Configurable User Levels

Multiple users can be configured at different access levels from view only all the way through to full engineer level. This means that users can access the system but only edit items they have been authorised to access.

Exclusive Pre-Commissioning Mode

Pre-Commissioning mode is an out of the box functionality of the Monitor DALI Hub. The purpose of pre-commissioning mode is to allow the installer to validate the wiring of the DALI networks before a Liteplan commissioning engineer attends the site.  This means that any installation errors can be identified and corrected at much earlier in the project removing one of the key causes of project overruns on DALI sites. To use Pre-Commissioning mode the installer simply needs to connect the DALI buses to the DALI Hubs and switch on the power. The DALI Hub will then begin a sequence of broadcast commands on both DALI Networks inhibiting the emergency control gear. This feature protects the batteries by stopping discharges when the mains power is cut off. This used to be a major cause of premature battery deterioration on site prior to handover.

Scalable Topology

Each Monitor-Controller manages up to 10 DALI Hubs for a total of 1280 emergency devices. Additional Monitor-Controllers operating up to 1280 emergency devices each can be added to scale the system. There is no practical limit to the size of a system, so Monitor Pro could be used in a campus wide setup for example.

Potential for remote monitoring

The Monitor-Controller can be configured to be accessible via the internet for remote monitoring/configuration.

Integration with BMS

Monitor-Pro can work in conjunction with building management and other systems via Ethernet protocols or SQL database access.

Fully Customisable Testing Schedules.

As a step up over Monitor, Monitor-Pro can have as many testing groups as needed (Monitor only has 16 per MTOUCH Panel) and each can run a custom schedule to run tests when required to suit the restrictions of the building. Testing is managed with an intuitive calendar configuration tool that help visualise when the testing events will occur.

Multiple Reporting Mediums

Test results may be printed, exported as a CSV file for access in spreadsheet systems or sent via email.
Monitor Pro

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